NHS Brand Guidelines


The NHS brand is recognised spontaneously by over 95% of the public, and carries high levels of trust and credibility. By making sure that NHS organisations use the NHS corporate identity correctly, people are reassured that services are part of the NHS family, and that these services are being delivered in line with NHS values.


Produce a comprehensive brand management tool that can be managed and updated by the NHS branding team.

Audit existing content and develop an information architecture (IA) to allow new sets of guidelines to be created from existing content.

Edit and update the existing brand guidelines to fit with the new IA.*

*The NHS Brand Site interface has now been reskinned to bring it into line with the current Government Digital Service style.


While COI wrote the content, we commissioned Bostock and Pollitt to develop a content managed website to provide a central resource for all those involved in producing NHS communications. It contains detailed guidance on how to apply the NHS brand to all communications materials, and also provides examples of how to use images, words and design styles in support of NHS core principles and values.

Guidelines can be downloaded as a PDF created ‘on the fly’ from the content management system.

NHS Brand Guidelines