COI worked with government departments and the public sector to produce information campaigns on issues that affect the lives of every citizen – from health and education to benefits, rights and welfare. The NHS was a significant client for COI, but many strategic health authorities (SHAs) and primary care trusts (PCTs) had little idea of what services COI could offer them.


Design a striking but friendly and approachable marketing piece to help move COI away from the image of a centralist government organisation to one of a local partner and professional friend.

Social marketing (behaviour change) expertise had to be emphasised, while demonstrating that working with COI was both efficient and effective.


Two characters undertake a symbolic journey through a ‘health neighbourhood’. Along the way, they interact with their environment in ways that communicate COI’s regional strengths and offer – its understanding of health issues at a local level and how it could help SHAs and PCTs to engage with the people they most need to reach.

Illustrations by Per Karlen.

COI Working Together